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up Parent Directory 17-Mar-2019 05:49 - unknown 4.docx 17-Oct-2018 04:10 12k unknown Acts 8 Second draft.docx 17-Oct-2018 04:10 64k unknown Acts 8 Third draft.docx 17-Oct-2018 04:10 64k unknown Acts 8.docx 17-Oct-2018 04:10 40k unknown Book1.xlsx 17-Oct-2018 04:11 16k [IMG] DiodorusSiculusLibrary16.20.4a1.png 17-Oct-2018 04:11 4k [IMG] DiodorusSiculusLibrary16.20.4a2.png 17-Oct-2018 04:11 8k [IMG] DiodorusSiculusLibrary16.20.4a3.png 17-Oct-2018 04:11 8k [IMG] DiodorusSiculusLibrary16.20.4a4.png 17-Oct-2018 04:11 12k [IMG] DiodorusSiculusLibrary16.20.4a5.png 17-Oct-2018 04:11 16k unknown Longus ti quotes.docx 17-Oct-2018 04:20 12k [TXT] Luke 2.2.txt 17-Oct-2018 04:20 4k unknown Register and word order in Koine Greek - working document.docx 17-Mar-2019 05:49 16k unknown 17-Oct-2018 04:20 16k

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